Local SEO tools to benefit your company's online presence

Local SEO is a vital component of any online marketing strategy, as it helps businesses improve their visibility in local search results. However, managing local SEO can be a complex and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available to help businesses improve their local SEO efforts. In this article, we'll review 8 powerful local SEO tools that can help boost your company's online presence.


Adding locations and Data actualization services

Adding locations to popular location-based services is an essential aspect of building a strong online presence for businesses. The ability to add new locations to various location-based services helps them to increase their visibility, expand their reach, and attract potential customers to their physical stores or business locations. With the Adding Locations service offered by BrandWizard, businesses can easily add new locations to popular location-based services such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, and many more. By adding accurate location information such as the business name, address, phone number, and website URL, businesses can ensure that their customers can easily find them online and offline.
Having accurate and up-to-date listings on popular location-based services is crucial for businesses to establish and maintain a strong online presence. When potential customers search for a particular product or service in a specific location, search engines use location-based data to provide relevant search results.
If a business's information is not consistent across all online directories, search engines may rank them lower in search results, resulting in lost potential customers. Inaccurate or outdated information can also lead to customer frustration and negative online reviews, which can damage a business's reputation. This is where Data actualization service comes to the rescue, ensuring that businesses' location data is accurate and up-to-date across all major location-based services. With this service, businesses can easily update their location data in real-time, ensuring that their customers have access to the most accurate information about their business.

Duplicates and fakes listings removal service

When a customer searches for a business online, finding fake or duplicate information can be a frustrating experience. This can even prompt them to turn to competitors with more accurate information. As such, businesses need to ensure that their online information is always true, which is where BrandWizard's Duplicates and Fakes tool comes in handy.
By using the Duplicates and Fakes tool, businesses can make sure that their listings have complete and correct information, ensuring that potential customers can find them easily. This tool also helps to ensure that the main listings have a higher ranking, which can lead to an increase in foot traffic to a business's locations. In addition, this service makes certain that businesses are able to promptly respond to all reviews and inquiries in their listings.

The results that you can expect? By eliminating fake or duplicate information, businesses can increase their online visibility, improve their online reputation, and ultimately drive more sales.


Running a successful company requires a combination of talent, skills, dedication, and… delegation. Delegating responsibilities to each employee is essential to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to managing a company's reputation.

To make it easy for companies of all sizes, BrandWizard has developed the Multi-access tool. This reputation management tool allows businesses to connect their employees to a BrandWizard account and distribute access rights according to their roles.

Administrator — has full access to all personal account features.
Reputation Manager — has access to reviews for specific listings or all locations.
Watcher — can only view information and analyze the results.
Efficiently distributing roles within your company ensures that everyone is accountable for their respective work. This also provides clarity on who is responsible for managing your company's online reputation, eliminating the possibility of confusion or interference from other employees. One effective tool that can help with this is a "tent", which can provide a clear and defined structure for each employee's responsibilities. By clearly defining each employee's role, companies can ensure that their reputation management efforts are effective and streamlined. This ultimately leads to a more successful and profitable business.

Post creation service

Were you aware that you have an extra communication channel available to you that doesn't require additional budget allocation? We’re talking about Google Posts. This is a free feature that allows businesses to create and publish content directly on their Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. This feature provides several benefits to businesses, including:
  • Increased visibility: Google Posts appear prominently on a business's GBP listing, providing an additional opportunity for businesses to catch potential customers' attention. These posts appear alongside other essential information, such as business hours, address, and phone number.

  • Improved engagement: By using Google Posts, businesses can engage with their customers more effectively by promoting events, sales, and new products. This feature allows businesses to showcase their brand personality and encourage customer engagement, which can increase customer loyalty.

  • Enhanced local SEO: Posts on Google Maps can also help businesses improve their local SEO. By regularly posting new content on their GBP listing, businesses can signal to Google that their listing is up-to-date and relevant. This, in turn, can lead to higher rankings in local search results, increasing the chances of potential customers discovering the business.

  • Increased traffic: Google Posts can drive more traffic to a business's website or landing page. By including a call-to-action button, such as "Learn More" or "Get Offer," businesses can encourage customers to click through to their website and take further action.
According to a study by dbaPlatform, if you make a post on Google Business Profile once a week for a month, the visibility of your listings doubles.
With our Post Creation service, making posts on Google Maps is quick and effortless. Just follow these three steps: choose the location → write the post → choose a post type → add a link, and you’re all set!

Store locator widget

Managing local SEO for just a few locations may seem simple, but it can become overwhelming when you're dealing with hundreds or even thousands of locations. However, there's no need to worry! By using smart tools that automate processes and save time on manual work, you can easily handle even the largest of location portfolios.
With BrandWizard's Store Locator, for instance, you can effortlessly maintain a page on your website or mobile app that displays a map, addresses, and contact information for all your locations. This customizable widget takes care of updating the information automatically, so you don't have to spend valuable time checking and verifying each individual location.

Photo management tool

High-quality photos are crucial when it comes to local SEO and attracting potential customers. In fact, research shows that visuals can significantly impact consumer behavior. Think With Google reports that images are the most important feature for people who shop on their phones. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 60% of consumers are more likely to consider local search results that include images.

Low-quality and irrelevant visual content can actually deter potential customers from making purchases. This is precisely why it's critical for businesses to ensure that only high-quality photos are featured in their listings. Take a look at the screenshots below.
None of these photos are relevant to the business category and fail to provide customers with the necessary information to take desired actions, such as building a route to the company's location, visiting their website, or making a purchasing decision.

With the Photo Management Tool, you can effortlessly gather all your photos from various locations into one account, making it a convenient solution. Thanks to its machine learning algorithms, the tool can tag your photos for easy filtering, saving you time and effort.
Moreover, if you notice any irrelevant photos on your listing that don't align with your business, you can submit the complaint to have them removed. The best part is that you can manage complaints for all your locations from a single interface in BrandWizard, streamlining the process.

Advanced analytics tool

Analytics plays a crucial role in local SEO and marketing management as it provides valuable insights into the performance of a company's online presence. With the help of advanced analytics tools like BrandWizard, businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of their online listings' status, dynamics of local metrics, and user behavior. By analyzing and interpreting this data, companies can make informed decisions about their local marketing strategies, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their online presence to attract more customers.
What’s inside:

1. It provides a detailed analysis of the synchronization and completeness of listings data on each platform, enabling companies to identify and address any inconsistencies in their online listings.

2. The tool tracks the dynamics of brand and category impressions of listings, allowing businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their local optimization efforts.

3. The Advanced Analytics tool also provides data about user behavior, including target actions like routes, calls, and clicks, giving businesses insight into how their customers engage with their online listings.
The best part? All of this data is presented in the monthly report format with recommendations for improving local metrics helps businesses stay on top of their online presence and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies.

Wrapping up

Local SEO is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy for businesses looking to grow and succeed. With more and more consumers using search engines to find local businesses, it's crucial for your company to have a strong local online presence.

The tools we have covered in this article can help businesses improve their online visibility and influence customer behavior. From optimizing local listings and tracking online reviews to analyzing local SEO metrics and creating posts on Google Maps, these tools provide businesses with everything they need to stay ahead of the competition in today's digital marketplace. By incorporating them into your marketing strategy, you can take your company's online presence to the next level and achieve greater success.

If you need help getting started, contact us to schedule a consultation with our team or book a demo. We'll provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve success with local SEO.
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