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All packages include
We correct data in 30+ sources, add missing locations and quickly verify them
Data actualization and verification
We fill in and optimize listings according to local ranking factors to increase their visibility in search results
SEO optimization of listings
BrandWizard updates listings data on a daily basis, keeping them up-to-date and protecting from unauthorized changes
Data protection from changes
BrandWizard monitors reviews on 13+ popular digital services and automatically collects them into a single account
Monitoring and collecting reviews
Respond to all reviews from a single interface and create templates for different types of reviews to speed up their processing
Responses and response templates
Receive fast notifications about new reviews by e-mail or push-notifications in your browser
Notifications about new reviews
Wizard Basiс
  • Up to 3 personal accounts
  • Adding a photo gallery, logo, cover
  • Adding a price list/menu to Google listings
  • General support
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Wizard Enterprise
  • All features of Wizard Smart
  • Duplicate and fake listings removal service (Google)
  • Photo management tool (Google)
  • Autoresponder service
  • Online reputation analysis
  • Competitor reputation comparison
  • Additional BrandWizard personal accounts
  • Additional locations
  • Customized workflow with KPI
  • Personal manager support
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Add employees/franchisees to the location management and differentiate access rights
Update information in your listings across all location-based services where your company is present
We know how to make your company's listings more visible to search engines, and we optimize them in accordance with the rules of location-based services.
BrandWizard updates the information in your listings on a daily basis to protect them from unauthorized changes
Add products and services to the price list/menu in the BrandWizard account so that users can see your prices and assortment in advance
As soon as we add a new integration to BrandWizard, your listings are automatically connected to it
BrandWizard managers monitor the work of our services, your business performance and are ready to help and answer all your questions
Collect locations into groups according to their region or your business units
Make the BrandWizard service a complete part of your IT infrastructure. Set up a personal account under your brand and put it on your domain
Receive a detailed monthly report of your online presence with recommendations for improving it
Find duplicates and fakes of your locations in order to bring customers to the correct address, not to lose local positions and customer reviews
Find and remove all fake listings under your brand to bring customers to your real locations, not to lose reviews and improve your local search rankings
Manage photos in Google listings from a single dashboard. View user-uploaded photos and remove content that is harmful or inconsistent with your business
Make posts in your Google listings directly from BrandWizard account to attract more customers to your locations
Add a widget with a map and your locations to the website, and let BrandWizard keep the information up-to-date for you
Track and analyze the position of every your location in relation to competitors within a certain radius
Run hyperlocal advertising campaigns on Google directly from your BrandWizard account
Over time, you may open new locations. For these purposes connect additional locations service by BrandWizard
We regularly add new review sites to BrandWizard and automatically connect you to them. You can also send a request to add the desired review site, and we will integrate with it if it's technically possible
In the BrandWizard account, you set up a convenient schedule of automatic notifications about new reviews and questions in listings
In the BrandWizard account, you can create response templates for typical customer reviews (gratitude, rating without text, etc.) to optimize employees' time and speed up responses
Configure scenarios in which BrandWizard will respond to customer reviews for you or pick up responses using a neural network
Encourage customers to leave reviews in your listings with the help of mailings and QR codes created via BrandWizard
Encourage customers to leave reviews in listings with the help of mailings via the BrandWizard interface
Set up automatic publication of customer reviews on your company's website
Receive instant clients' messages from location-based services and respond to them from a single BrandWizard account
Analyze reviews and ratings of your listings in a single dashboard, monitor customer sentiment as well as your employees' work with reviews
Analyze how your competitors work with reviews and improve your online reputation strategy
General support includes technical specialist who is responsible for configuring and monitoring BrandWizard services
Personal manager is in touch with you every day. They monitor your business performance and answer all questions within one working day
Online presence
Wizard Basis
Wizard Smart
Wizard Enterprise
Number of platforms
for integration
Number of users in
personal account (?)
Included (the amount is negotiable)
Data actualization
Creation and bulk verification of locations (?)
Listings SEO optimization (?)
Adding a photo gallery, logo, cover
Data protection against unauthorized changes (?)
Adding a price list/menu
to Google listings (?)
Adding listings to new location-based services and directories (?)
Support (?)
General (?)
Personal manager support (?)
Personal manager support (?)
Groups of locations in personal account (?)
Additional instruments for online presence
Wizard Basis
Wizard Smart
Wizard Enterprise
Advanced analytics (?)
A short report once per 3 months
Full analytics included
Full analytics included
Duplicate and fake listings removal (Google) for 5 altnames (?)
Posts creation service (?)
"Store locator" widget (?)
Local position tracker (?)
Additional locations (?)
Included (the amount is negotiable)

Reputation management

Wizard Basis

Wizard Smart

Wizard Enterprise

Number of review sites




Collecting reviews and questions into a single account
Responses to reviews from a single account
Replies to questions in Google
from a single account
Adding new review sites (?)
By email
By e-mail and
Push notifications
By e-mail and
Push notifications
Number of response templates per 1 company (?)
Photo management tool (Google) (?)
Additional instruments for reputation management
Wizard Basis
Wizard Smart
Wizard Enterprise
Review generator (?)
Via links and QR codes
Via links and QR codes
Autoresponder service
Online reputation analysis (?)
Reputation comparison with competitors (?)

Included with 1 competitor


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