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BrandWizard is a spark that opens up new frontiers for businesses by creating advanced technology for online presence and reputation management. Our highly-experienced team offers a unique mixture of wise tech solution and passionate human approach. By that, we let companies feel free in the digital space, be always visible and trusted by their customers.

We are constantly in the flow of development and striving to level up our products and service so that every business can find the right way to effectively manage their online presence and reputation.


We design and share new ways businesses can empower themselves by providing the smart tech solution for successful performance in the digital world


We are always on the move, but at the same time, we follow our basic principles and values no matter what. So what are the most important things for us when developing?
We strive for fresh decisions and tech solutions and apply non-standard approaches to reach our goal
Being curious and enthusiastic about the digital world, we never stop exploring the ways we can optimize the processes and products for us and for our clients
We see things clearly and highly appreciate the emotional intelligence of our team. We share each other aspirations as well as the goals and needs of our clients
Well, it’s clear. We value open dialogues, processes and results. We truly belive that suсh an approach drives to successful teamwork and partnerships





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