Create posts in location-based services with BrandWizard

Effectively manage publications from a single BrandWizard account, post them on available platforms and plan posting dates to attract more customers to your points of sale
A post (publication) is a text-graphic block in your company's listings on Google or Facebook.
Tell about upcoming promotions, news or events right listings of your locations

Highlight new, seasonal or promotional items

What is a post in location-based services?

With posts you can:

Why should businesses create posts?

According to a study by dbaPlatform, if you make a post on Google Business Profile once a week for a month, the visibility of your listings doubles.

The more listings are visible for users, the more often users choose your company and become your customers.

Posts help your company appear twice as often

Generating post text using ChatGPT
Now creating and publishing posts will take even less time.
In one click you generate publication text relevant to your business
The neural network provides you with text options so you can choose the most suitable one
The text proposed by the ChatGPT can be edited before publication, i.e. the decision about what the post will be is up to you

Make posts to Google and Facebook from a single BrandWizard account and save your time

By creating posts in your company listings
with BrandWizard, you

Increase your online visibility
Systematic work with publications and keywords in them helps listings to be better indexed in search engines and increases the online visibility of your locations for potential clients
Now you don't have to log into Google separately and make one post in each listing. With BrandWizard this can be done from a single dashboard that will save your time.
Save time while creating posts
from a single interface
Posts attract users that look through your listings and encourage them to make interactions: call your company, build a route, or click the link in your post.
Stimulate interactions with
your company

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