Online presence advanced analytics service

Connect BrandWizard advanced analytics for a comprehensive review of your company's online presence
Online presence analytics allows you to estimate the status of your listings in location-based services and the dynamics of the main local metrics: listing impressions, built routes, calls, and other targeted actions from maps.

What is online presence analytics from BrandWizard

In your personal account, where the data is available for viewing at any time convenient for you
In the format of a monthly report with recommendations for improving local metrics

BrandWizard provides advanced analytics in 2 formats

In the analytics, you will see the level of general synchronization and completeness of listings data on each site.

This data will allow you to evaluate the status of listings on different sites and understand what can be improved.
Level of synchronization and data completeness

Key features of the Online presence analytics service

You will track the dynamics of brand and category impressions of your listings with a breakdown by location-based services
Dynamics of brand and category impressions
You will receive data about target actions (routes, calls, clicks to the site, etc.) that users make in your Google listings.
Dynamics of target actions in listings
Analyze the average rating of your listings for the period you need, as well as the proportion of listings with high and low ratings.
Distribution of listings by rating on location-based services
In the monthly report format, you will see the total number of reviews for the period and their dynamics, the percentage of reviews not answered, as well as NPS (customer loyalty index).
Reviews overview

Thanks to the Online presence analytics service, you:

Monitor the status of information on each site and in each point of sale, which means you keep your finger on the pulse if any improvements are needed
You get it ready-made or create a report on the local promotion of your company for colleagues or management by yourself in the personal account
Analyze the visibility of your listings and the number of target actions over the period and in dynamics to evaluate the effectiveness of local optimization

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Get a report on the current level of your company's online presence to assess how today it is represented in digital services.
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