Connect your employees and franchisees to BrandWizard with the ability to distribute access rights

Multi-access: smart user management to work with listings and reviews

User management from the BrandWizard single interface allows you to assign different team members, departments or franchisees only the functions they need to do their job.

Multi-location companies can set an access filter for managing locations by region.

Franchise brands can delegate the rights to manage specific locations.

Multi-access is relevant for companies of any size

How to delegate your employees functions according to their responsibilities

User access management is available directly from the BrandWizard account
BrandWizard allows you to set access rights and assign roles to your personal account users for listings and review management.

There is a filter by a set of locations:
***the whole brand
***group of companies
Owner: has full access to all companies and sections, including the ability to manage other users.

Administrator: has full access to all the features of the personal account (only to the locations assigned to them)

Reputation manager: access only to work with reviews and/or brand queries both for individual locations and throughout the chain

Observer: "control" access — only for viewing information with the ability to analyze the results
What access levels are there in your BrandWizard personal account
Benefits of working with Multi-Access
Convenient user management and effective distribution of roles
The ability to purchase access to the account for all employees working with the BrandWizard platform
Reasonable restrictions in information management: the user has access only to the data for which he is responsible
Role distribution
Targeted management access
Team work optimization
Distribute access rights and delegate tasks to effectively manage the online presence and reputation of your brand

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