How to get more customer reviews on Google with a QR code
Reviews help your company become more visible in the local search results. According to BrightLocal, reviews have grown in importance over the past three years. Today, they are second and have 16% of all ranking factors, up from 12% and being the third in influence in 2018.
For companies looking to compete in local search results, it is important to ensure a constant stream of fresh reviews to Google listings. Here comes a QR code — a quick and convenient way to invite a customer to leave a review about your business.
In this short post, we give you detailed instructions on how to create an individual QR code for each of your locations on Google. We will also show you where to place a QR code so that customers leave more reviews.
How to create a QR code for listings on Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile (GBP) has a special scheme for generating a QR code. Don't worry, you can do it easily. Just follow these three simple steps:
Create a link to add reviews to your listing on Google:
    On your computer: in the left menu in GBP, click Home, find the "Get more reviews" card and copy your short URL to share with customers.
    On your mobile device: open your GBP, choose the location you want to manage, tap Customers and then Review. In the top right, tap Share and copy your short URL.
    Create a QR code for Google reviews with the help of special services: e.g. QR Code Generator №1, №2, or №3.
    Download the QR code you got as an image for further printing on POS materials:
      The QR code can be placed on LED screens at the entrance to your company, or directly in the menu.
      How to place a QR code so that customers want to leave reviews about your company
      The main rule is to place a QR code where it is convenient to scan it. For example, in places at the checkout, in menus, leaflets, advertising banners, posters, business cards, letterheads, right on the packaging of goods.

      It is also important to remember that:

      • The QR code needs to be tested before being sent to print: try scanning it from different devices and from different distances.
      • The code must be visible and easy to scan. For example, a QR code on the floor of a restaurant is not a good idea.
      • Offer a bonus in return for a review, such as a discount or a gift. A high-quality CTA (call-to-action) like "Leave a review via QR-code and get a yummy discount on your next order in our cafe" will help you with this.
      The American restaurant The Melt, famous for its sandwiches, gives a sandwich to customers who scan a QR code and leave a review about their restaurant.
      To conclude
      Today, reviews on search engines are very important. According to Brightlocal Local Consumer Review Survey, today 87% of customers read online reviews before contacting a company. And 73% of users pay attention to fresh reviews: written in the last month. This information drives us to think more seriously about getting fresh and positive reviews about your business and their thoughtful management.

      So, if you decided to start generating Google reviews for your business, make your first step with a simple and crystal clear tool — the QR code for your listings.
      Want to optimize reviews management in your business listings? BrandWizard is here for your business to take everything under control — book a demo to find out more.
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