Google posts for your brand promotion [tips & examples]

Google Business Profile has become the driving force for many businesses. When you have your listing on Google maps, you become visible to customers that search for goods and services there. Or don't. It depends on how you use and adapt GBP tools to your marketing strategy. Among many of them, there are posts — a chance for businesses to interact with clients and say something important to them. It also helps companies attract, engage customers and grow their business. This article is an in-depth guide to Google Business Profile posts for your business.

What's inside:

What are Google Business Profile Posts and what is their power?

Google Posts are company's updates that can include text, photos or video.
An example of Google Business Profile post
Think of it as company's news but just posted on Maps. Here is how it was introduced by Google:

"Google posts empower the owner of the GBP profile to post content straight to the search engine results pages. Posting on Google Business Profile is for the prospects who are already looking for you, unlike the prominent social media platforms."

From 2021, these posts last for seven days if you haven't assigned a date range for it. And it's free, just like creating your Business profile or adding your company to Google Maps.

What's their power?

The information you provide on your listing has a great impact on buying decisions. Posts are a great marketing tool for your business as it allows you to:

  • Show what you offer and give your customers a feel of your company
  • Keep your existing customers updated about your sales, specials, events, news, and offers
  • Engage new clients and turn them into loyal ones
  • Improve an overall client experience
  • Increase the visibility of your listing. According to dbaPlatform, listings with posts get 50% more impressions than those without posts
Looks like a tool worth integrating to your marketing strategy, right? Let's find out more about Google posts and see how to create publications that impress, engage, and sell.

How to create an effective Google Business Profile post

There are 6 types of posts available to businesses on Google: Updates, Photos, Reviews, Offers, Events, FAQ, and additional types for specific businesses, like Menus for restaurants or Products for retail.

During the pandemic, Google Posts helped companies keep their clients updated about changes in work schedule, or rules related to safety and hygiene. This type of posts is still marked as COVID updates from business.
An example of a company's COVID-19 post on Google

Google post's structure

All posts on Google consist of:

  1. Announcement cover

  2. Body copy

  3. and a link button (call-to-action) that can lead to your website where the client can perform a targeted action, like signing up for an event or ordering a product. These are microcopy options you can use for your CTA button:

  • Book
  • Reserve your spot
  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Visit now
  • Call now
Hint: Always include a high-quality, relevant, and "real" visual. According to Sterlingsky's research, Google posts that contain images which are not stock photos get 5.6x more clicks.

Some technical guidelines

Google, just like other platforms, has its own specifications and content requirements. Adapting your content to different platforms and channels makes it clear for your customers that you take their experience seriously and do your best to make it enjoyable. And it also looks clean, though. Here's your guide to Google Business Profile posts:

Image format: JPG or PNG

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Photo size:
1200px x 900px recommended (480px x 270px minimum), up to 5mb each

Video specs: 720p resolution minimum, up to 30 seconds long and 75mb per video

How to actually post

No matter what type of post you want to create, we suggest following the golden KISS rule that stands for Keep It Short and Simple. You have 1,500 characters to say what you want to say but posts with 80 or 100 words work best because customers are looking for quick answers here.
Hint: Don't use hashtags, they won't help you rank higher.
You can always go for Google's content policy, but here's the summary: avoid spam, scam and inappropriate content, in other words, content that harasses, bullies, or is hateful. When you've polished your copy and made sure that images meet requirements, you're fully ready to create a post. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Google Business Profile account.
  2. Click "Create Post" (this appears in two different places, here's the pick to help you navigate).
3. Choose your post type.
4. Fill out all the fields.
5. Preview your post and click "Publish"

5 tips for Google Business Profile posts from BrandWizard

So, now you know what are GBP posts and how to start posting. Below are tips to help you to make them even more effective.

  1. Post regularly. Post without an assigned date range will last for seven days, then removed by Google. So, it's a good idea to post regularly (e.g. once a week) to keep your brand consistent and provide your clients with up-to-date information.

  2. Use emojis to structure the content and make it easy-to-read for your clients.

  3. Include keywords. To attract a customer, think like a customer. Make sure to include words and phrases that could grab their attention and make it worth reading your post. This advice will also help you choose the best time to post on GBP as there is no statistical guidance on it.

  4. Add UTM codes to track and monitor your campaigns with a surprising occurrency.

  5. Share a special offer such as a 20%-off sale or a 2-for-1 deal. After all, up to 50% of clients look for discounts when searching for a business online.

Google posts ideas for businesses

Hi there, Google Business Profile posts expert! Now we'll arm you with the ideas for different types of businesses real quick. Let's start with general ideas that would suit most businesses. It's great to talk about special offers, answer FAQ, celebrate a holiday or business milestone, and inform your clients about changes in working hours. Now ideas for specific business industries.

Ideas for retail

  1. New store openings

  2. Introducing new arrivals

  3. Shopping guides

Ideas for beauty industry

  1. Beauty tip

  2. Desctription of some services

  3. How to take care of hair and skin after visiting salon

  4. The results of work

Ideas for cafés, bars, restaurants

  1. Special offers and events

  2. Introducing new menu, products and staff

  3. Attracting customers by showing your atmosphere

Ideas for healthcare industry

  1. Tips & tricks for successful medical exam preparation

  2. Pieces of advice on how to stay healthy

  3. Information on popular complaints about health

Ideas for finance industry

  1. Popular financial services

  2. List of documents required for a credit card

  3. Partner banks listing

  4. Important news, interesting offers… and even events

  5. Changes in working hours

Wrapping up

The core idea behind this guide is to convince you that Google posts are a powerful tool that can help your business grow and expand. It's free and easy to manage, and the only way to see the results is just get started with it. Why not start now?
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