Track your positions in local search results in comparison to your competitors, find growth points and make data-driven decisions on how to improve your ranking.

Local Rank Tracker

Rank for local queries as “store nearby”, “coffee shop near me”, “where to have dinner”, etc. Users daily make local queries in search engines, navigators and even taxi services when they are looking for goods and services nearby.

76% of users who find a business through local searches visit it during one day.
Rank for local queries
When we search for goods and services nearby, we first see local search results with a map and company listings.

Local search results with a map occupies a significant part of the first screen and takes up a large amount of clicks.

Therefore, for companies that want to attract more customers, it is important to work with maps and increase positions in local search results for targeted queries.
Increase your online visibility on maps
On Google Maps, positions for the target query can change every X meters. That is why it is necessary to evaluate local search results at different distances from your location.

The Local Rank Tracker will show you how your company listings rank for the target query within a given radius, as well as who your competitors are and what ranking they have.
Track company positions in local search results

Local Rank Tracker features for your business

Track the growth or decline dynamics of your ranking in local search results, monitor positions of each location or keyword.

This will allow you to quickly react to changes and understand which keywords and locations you should focus on to increase your audience reach and get leads.
Evaluate your promotion progress and find growth points
Generate a detailed report on competitors for each of your locations.

This will allow you to access how your competitors achieve such results and how they can be outperformed in local search.
Analyze your competitors and outperform them in search results

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