Optimize Your Review Management with ChatGPT: Enhance Efficiency and Boost Ratings

Reviews impress potential customers, and positive ones improve your company's rating and search engine rankings. However, many companies still don't respond to reviews for various reasons: not recognizing the value, lacking resources (time or staff), or ignoring reviews because they see them as unfair (if negative) or unnecessary to acknowledge (if positive). Learn how to optimize review management and free up employee time for other important tasks.

Trends in Online Reputation Management and the Benefits of Systematic Review Handling

We've previously discussed the importance of engaging with reviews and how to effectively manage them.

Why reviews matter

  • 93% of users read reviews before visiting a company or ordering a service.
  • 63% make decisions based on how companies handle negative reviews.
  • 52% won't use a company with a rating below 4.
  • 54% of additional revenue is earned by companies with many reviews.
Engaging with reviews, even predominantly negative ones, sets your company apart from competitors. Reputation costs are difficult to quantify and vary per individual. No company is immune to mistakes or unforeseen events. When facing ambiguous situations, transparency and quick correction of errors are crucial.

Companies that understand the importance of review management gain a marketing edge and can influence their reputation more effectively.

In 2024, our observations reveal five key trends in search engine reputation management:

1. Local Search Becomes More Relevant

According to Safari Digital, queries including phrases like "near me" have increased by 500%. This means customers are increasingly relying on local search to quickly find products or services. Notably, 28% of these local queries convert into purchases, indicating a well-defined need to find and visit a specific business.

2. Maps and Geo-services Value Reviews

Search engines encourage users to leave reviews through push notifications after visiting a location. These reviews are rigorously moderated to ensure accuracy. The more reviews a location receives, the higher its chances of ranking above competitors.

3. Systematic Review Generation

Positive reviews make a company more attractive to potential customers. To increase review frequency, prompt customers verbally, through SMS or email campaigns after a purchase, or via QR codes placed in visible areas within your location.

4. HR Reputation Gains Importance

Research from Withe shows that 75% of job seekers consider company reputation crucial. Therefore, HR departments must monitor and manage their company's reputation carefully, paying attention to both current employees and candidates.

5. Reviews Attract New Customers and Increase Foot Traffic

Regularly monitoring and promptly responding to reviews build trust and reduce the risk of a reputational crisis. Reviews also provide valuable insights into where your target audience spends time and their concerns, helping refine brand communication strategies and boosting foot traffic to sales locations.

Technical Aspects of Handling Reviews

Responding to all reviews is crucial, not only because they are a significant factor in search engine rankings but also for several key reasons:

1. Online etiquette: It’s a fundamental rule of online etiquette. Thank customers for positive reviews, address issues raised in negative reviews, and seek ways to improve future interactions from neutral reviews.

2. Boosting brand loyalty: Responding to reviews increases brand loyalty. While it's hard to measure overall loyalty, companies that engage with reviews tend to see more repeat customers.

3. User validation: By responding to reviews, you show each user that they matter, preventing them from feeling neglected. Aim to respond within 24 hours, even if the volume is high.

4. Encouraging engagement: Engaging with reviews motivates others to leave their feedback, fostering a dynamic dialogue about your brand.
If a user simply rates your location without leaving a comment, take the initiative to prompt them for more detailed feedback with guiding questions. They might have been hesitant to share their experience or couldn't find the right words.
As your business grows and user interactions increase, managing all responses can become time-consuming. Consider automating review responses with AI tools to handle the increasing volume while maintaining personalized communication.

Key Points for Optimizing Staff Time and Improving Your Business's Visibility in Maps and Geoservices

Here are several important strategies to help optimize employee time and enhance your location's rankings in maps and geo-services:

1. Use Templates for Simple or Positive Reviews

Prepare a set of templates for reviews that are either without text or positive. These templates can serve as drafts that you personalize before responding, saving time compared to crafting each response from scratch.

2. Collect Relevant Keywords

Identify the keywords that customers commonly use to find your business. Utilize free tools like Google Trends to gather this data.

3. Incorporate Keywords in Response Templates

Add these keywords to your response templates. Search engines will recognize these terms, improving your business's relevance to search queries and boosting your location's ranking in local search results.

If you have been managing local SEO and review responses effectively but the volume continues to grow, consider using AI tools to handle review responses. This approach can manage increasing demands while maintaining personalized communication.

Optimizing Employee Workload with AI-Driven Response Generator

To reduce the workload of employees managing your company's online reputation, BrandWizard has integrated the ChatGPT chatbot into its platform. This feature, known as "AI Responses," automatically generates replies to reviews of any complexity using ChatGPT's artificial intelligence.

Using AI to generate review responses accelerates the review management process by:

  • Reducing time and human resource costs.
  • Handling a higher volume of reviews and minimizing the number of unanswered reviews.
  • Creating personalized responses for unique reviews.
  • Maintaining audience loyalty by providing non-generic replies.

The "AI-powered response generator" service generates a detailed and personalized response with one click, replicating the quality a human employee would provide. This feature addresses three key tasks:

  • Reduces employee time spent on reviews without sacrificing quality.
  • Manages a larger number of complex reviews.
  • Improves response quality through continuous learning.

How It Works

1. By opening the reviews section in the BrandWizard dashboard, platform users can generate a personalized response relevant to the customer's review with a single click.

2. The AI provides three polite and professional responses for all types of reviews, allowing users to select the most appropriate one.

3. The suggested text from the AI can be edited before publishing, ensuring that the final decision on the response rests with the user.
The main advantage of the AI is its ability to learn. It crafts response texts by analyzing the company's previous replies, the tone of the review, and the rating given. Users can edit the AI-generated text before it goes live.

To enable the AI-driven response generation, users can activate this feature within the BrandWizard dashboard. For companies already using the BrandWizard platform, the "AI response generator" is either permanently enabled or available on a trial basis for one month.
New users planning to manage their brand's reputation and online presence with BrandWizard can also access a trial period.


When communicating with users who leave reviews on maps and geo-services, it's crucial to consider multiple factors. The technology market continues to surprise us with revolutionary products like ChatGPT. For private businesses, being flexible and taking advantage of new technologies is essential. While artificial intelligence handles routine tasks, human resources can be redirected to other important activities.
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