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Manage information about each store on 30+ digital services and bring customers directly to your sales points
With the development of location-based services like Google, the popularity of queries with the prefix "near" is growing.
According to Google Trends, despite the pandemic, the number of searches for a "store near me" has grown by 60% in a year.
Dynamics of the number of requests "store near me" in Google for 5 years, according to Google Trends

Dynamics of the number of requests "store near me" in Google for 5 years, according to Google Trends

Users search locally, wanting to find the store they need as close as possible.
And in order for the client to come to you, it is necessary to provide him with reliable and complete information in the most popular sources, as well as to work with the reputation in them.

How retailers can use the advantages of BrandWizard

Manage location data and store working hours from a single interface

No matter how many locations you have — 10, 100 or 1000 — someone needs to manage their information on maps and geo-services. Rely on BrandWizard and take control of every store's information.
BrandWizard adds missing sales points to 30+ popular digital services, and allows you to quickly place and verify new locations if you open a store or move.

Make sure your customer finds the nearest store in your chain

Use the maximum opportunities in location-based services to stay ahead of the competitors and bring the customer to your company: add a price list of products, make promo posts, upload a gallery — all with BrandWizard.

Increase the visibility of your stores on maps

Work with your online presence
">">6of customers believe that retailers should respond to online reviews. This is how customers form an impression of your company and either remain loyal to your brand forever or, conversely, won't come back to you again.

BrandWizard allows you to respond to reviews conveniently and quickly by providing you with a personal account to collect reviews and the tools to handle them effectively.
Connect advanced analytics in BrandWizard to see not only the overall dynamics of local metrics but also a report on each individual store and its ranking.

And with BrandWizard's Reviews Analysis Service, you can measure the quality of each store and implement improvements, as well as set KPIs.

Analyze results

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