BrandWizard is the solution for pharmacies, opticians, medical centers and laboratories
Be close to your customers on 30+ sites so that they always find you nearby
With the development of location-based services like Google, the popularity of queries with the prefix "near" is growing.
According to Google Trends, the number of requests for "pharmacy nearby" has increased 8 times in 3 years.
Dynamics of the number of searches for "pharmacy nearby" in Google over the past 3 years, according to Google Trends

Dynamics of the number of searches for "pharmacy nearby" in Google over the past 3 years, according to Google Trends
In search of a pharmacy, medical center or laboratory, users turn to popular location-based services and review sites.
And in order for the client to come to you, you need toprovide him with reliable information and work with reviews in the most popular sources.

How you can use BrandWizard advantages

Make sure each customer can find you nearby

If you are not on the maps, you are not in your client's field of vision.

BrandWizard will place your company's locations in 30+ popular location-based services so that each customer can find you at any time, wherever it is convenient for him, whether it's a search engine or a taxi app.

Take care of customers by giving them the right information

Take control of your listings with BrandWizard to give clients the right address, working hours, and phone numbers for consultations or bookings.
81% of users read reviews about a medical institution, even if it was recommended to them by family or friends.

BrandWizard will allow you to respond to reviews conveniently and quickly, providing you with a personal account where reviews will be collected, as well as tools for the effective work with them.
Give more value to reviews
Raise the ranking of your company
90% of users will abandon a recommended company if it has a low rating.

Motivate customers to leave positive reviews about your company in location-based services with BrandWizard and increase the rating of your locations so that as many customers as possible choose you.
Connect BrandWizard advanced analytics to see not only the overall dynamics of local metrics, but also a report on each individual pharmacy or medical center.

And the Review analysis service will help you find out what customers say about your service and how it can be improved.

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