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Our local marketing experts will provide you with a report on your brand’s performance in location-based services, share how you can improve ranking and attract more customers


A comprehensive report on online presence and recommendations for attracting customers from
location-based services

Up to 7 days 
It’s easy as 1-2-3:
More about the process
1. You request an audit

2. We analyze your brand’s presence and reputation on maps and other location-based services

3. We create a comprehensive report on the online presence and reputation of your company

4. BrandWizard expert shares the results of the audit with you in a personal meeting
The online presence and reputation report consists of
the analysis of your brand’s locations performance on popular maps and sites
tracking your company's reviews
checking the correctness of your listings’ data
average rating of the company across all platforms where your brand is present
  • Adjust listings data to appear more often in local search results and increase foot traffic to your points of sale

  • Change the approach to review management so as not to lose customer trust

  • Reconsider the strategy for working on locations with a low rating
How to use audit results
Your business needs this audit if you
value the reputation of your brand in digital space
want to be where customers may search for you
have offline points of sale or service and don't know how to get started with local marketing
want to optimize employees’ time and processes on working with locations
Within 7 days, our expert will get in touch with you for details to provide a comprehensive online presence and reputation report on your company. We’ll also share the recommendations on improving your local SEO efforts to attract more customers from location-based services.
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